High Frequency Welding Mill For Refrigeration Industry Bundy Tube Making Mill

Feeding --correction--alkali washing--water cleaning--high frequency annealing reduction treatment--keep warm--constant temperature cooling --hot dip galvanized --cool down --passivation treatment --drying ---tractor---winding

Product Details

Process flow

Feeding --correction--alkali washing--water cleaning--high frequency annealing reduction treatment--keep warm--constant temperature cooling --hot dip galvanized --cool down --passivation treatment --drying ---tractor---winding

1)Technical details for HG16B


Low carbon steel pipe /hard steel pipe


4-4.76 mm



Running speed

30-60M /min( or according customer request)


6-8T for BHG1

Zinc layer thickness


Way out

Vertical output galvanzied

Tensile strength


Yileld strength




Features of line

No electroplating chemicals required, environment protection , save the high cost of electroplating wastewater treatment .engery saving , saving space

Low zinc consumption,produced in large zinc pot,reduce the frequency of zinc dross fishing ,reduce zinc loss.

Easy to operate ,high degree of automation and good satbility.

3. Power supply and site requirements

voltage 380V/50Hz

Power capacity :the total power capacity is not less than 600KVA .

Actual installation size of line:75*6*4 M .


1) Uncoiler is support the strip coil and expand the strip coil, so strip can enter into machine to roll forming.


2. Accumulator: (1) Structure: length x height= 3.8 x 2.2m, 8#box iron,6#angle iron and board(5mm) welding, and equipped with automatic feeding and delivery mechanism.

(2) Adjusting way: Screw type manual adjusting.

(3) Store capacity: 300-450 m


3. Forming, welding and sizing section

(1) Feed leveler: 

(a) Structure: 7 rollers passive leveling

(b) Guide baffle: 2pairs

(2) Roll forming section: Mainly for steel strip roughly forming and control of weld seam.

Horizontal roll stand: (a) Quantity: 8

(b) Structure: cast steel 45#, gantry type, side roll change

(c) Horizontal roll shaft diameter:Φ40mm, material: 42CrMo

Vertical roll stand: 

(a) Quantity:8

(b) Structure:Passive rotary

(c) Vertical roll shaft diameter: Φ25mm, material:45# quality steel

(d) Adjusting way: Single screw adjustment operation

4.Welding device: (a) guide roll stand for controlling weld seam direction 1set

(b) extruding roll stand 2sets

(c) scraper frame for deburring outside weld seam 2sets

5. Cooling system: Spray cooling water tank

6. Sizing section:

Fine shaping and control size accuracy after welding.

Each 5 groups of horizontal roll stand, vertical roll stand (Structure same as forming section)

7. All bearing choose domestic well-known brand Harbin Bearing products, and pneumatic components choose Airtac products in Taiwan.

8. Transmission system:

The unit adopts the forming machine and sizing machine drive system, the main motor through reducer, gear box (spiral bevel gear drive), universal drive shaft drag the horizontal roller; Vertical roll is non powered roller.

Main motor: Z4 series DC 22 kW JIANGSU WANGPAI 1 set

Main reducer: ZDY160

9. Power distribution box(double)

(a) Structure: spiral bevel gear, Cylindrical gear reducer

(b) Material: box body: HT200, wheel gear: 40Cr, shaft: 40Cr

(c) Cardan shaft: TC-90Jingjiang automobile transmission shaft factory dedicated transmission shaft 13 groups

10. Coolant circulation system

Function: Providing coolant for colling all the working roll, and emulsion used in cooling water tank before sizing.

Distribution of water pipes:

Main pipeline - galvanized pipe(1.5 inches), pipeline shall ensure levelness, perpendicularity uniformity and orderliness

Roll spray head-- use of adjustable plastic cooling pipe(1/2 inches)

Valve layout:

The total pipeline entrance(pumps export) connect--master valve(stainless steel ball valve)

Forming machine, cooling water tank, sizing unit in each main pipeline are respectively connected with master valve (stainless steel ball valve)

The forming, sizing roll group with an adjustable plastic cooling pipe supply coolant, control valves coolant flow through the plastic cooling pipe control

High frequency welded parts with four adjustable plastic cooling pipe supply coolant.

Our parterners


Packing and shipping


Exhibition display


Certificate display



01. Are you manufacturer ?

A: Yes, we are a manufacturer which is located in Yangzhou city Jiangsu Province Chiina a base production place of this industry.

02.What information do you need before making quotation ?

A: Pipe material, size ,thickness that you want to produce.

03.What shall I do to start a new business in pipe ?

A: We will provide you free consultant of complete suggestions including your factory layout and workshop design ,etc.

04.What’s your special between other suppilers ?

A: 1. We have more than 30 years experience in this industry, our products were exported all over the world. 2. We had ISO/CE that you can gain the highest quality and after-sales service from us with the costest price.

So please contact and welcome to visit us , The best time just now !


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