Application Of Straight Seam Steel Tubes In Steel Structure

In 1947 the first modern steel structure of offshore platform in Mexico built for seafarers, opened the prelude of the steel structure, London's bushilaien Palace, exposed tube section of the truss load transfer in the column fa├žade, it tube hot water for fire protection, just made up for the weakness of fire resistant steel building. There are many examples in nature of straight seam steel pipe machine, tube shaped compression, torsion and multidirectional bending under the excellent structure, inspired by traditional design of steel structures. Structure and exterior steel structure of pipe, the second large spaces, large-span buildings, stadiums, subways, large industrial plants are not only limited, obviously is the traditional wood frame of reinforced concrete structure, brick structures are difficult to make.

After more than 10 years of development, as represented by the bird's nest Olympic Stadium built for the 2008 Olympic Games has set a unique landmark. The project is the use of low alloy high strength steel Q460. It was 345, goes up, does not promote the use of. Another is the National Theater Hall, submerged arc welded steel pipe for columns using fire-resistant is the waiting list for the first time, to temperatures above 600 degrees Celsius, no deformation and softening in the outdoors without any corrosion under measures, from corrosion for a long time. In addition, China has built a number of large steel structure building. Steel pipe structure as a new form of structure, after more than 10 years of development and made great achievements.