Development Trend Of Welding Equipment

According to current market needs all the information consumers need to know high-frequency welded pipe mill, only then will know how the development trend of welding equipment, because the consumers in choosing what problem does not occur in the future, consumers can rest assured that use.

Our domestic steel industry has been after nearly a decade of rapid growth, since 2010, 2010 our domestic steel industry had seized world markets more than 50%, which accounted for more than 45% welded steel pipe, according to this point of view, in our country are steel-producing countries. In that respect, to analyze future pipe welder market and industry developments, is easy to see that, from a certain sense is welded pipe production country, and is continued rapid growth now!! Enumerated according to the related Department levels reach tens of millions of tons of steel pipe industry, but in the long run, over the next few years, global economic growth will remain at a slow speed, so in parallel with the General level of an economic slow down, welded pipe unit prices will become more and more normal.