High-frequency Welding Equipment Are Your Strengths

Compared to the high frequency welded pipe and seamless tubes, welded pipe production is characterized by strong continuous, high efficiency, low cost, and its raw material Strip development, welded pipe in the pipe as a growing share of. United States, and Japan, such as welded pipe production 75% of total steel production in major developed countries, but China currently accounts for only 55%. Welding equipment what are the advantages? High-frequency welding equipment production in the productive economic interests with no pollution, low noise characteristics, does not produce waste water, waste gas. Is for use in the production of circulating water cooling, both energy-saving and environmental protection, and labor, single class only 5-8 can. Welding speed not slow, PHI 76 unit 20-70 meters/min welding speed can be.

In use, accompanied by improvement of nondestructive testing reliability and quality of the weld seam of electric welded pipe, welded pipe used more widely and in more sectors and applications instead of seamless steel tubes, welded pipe are growing faster than of seamless tubes, this is a general development trend.