Methods Of Extending Life Of Welding Equipment

Welding equipment in use in the process of zinc plating is the best method of extending life, thus also protects the welding equipment.

Galvanized before fully prepared, first clean the surface of welding equipment, removing rust, clear iron shop and so on, so as to ensure the adhesion of the coating. Therefore, steel galvanized some surface pretreatment. Pretreatment include pickling, washing, degreasing, washing and so on.

So-called fat is removal removing grease from clarinet, dirt, is in order to avoid affecting the pickling effect can be achieved through combustion or caustic washing and alkali washing. Alkaline cleaning solution is an aqueous solution containing about $literal% of NaOH, temperature 70-80 degrees centigrade. Welding equipment washing time is generally at 8-10 minutes.

Although alkali wash to except some stains, but pickling and alkali wash for of stains all different, pickling of purpose is pipe equipment surface of iron oxide skin, pickling can in at room temperature Xia for, metal by erosion less, absorption of hydrogen also less, for carbon black residue of pollution possibilities small, pickling produced oxide, deep angle big, easy clear, on plating zinc no effect, so pickling is compared for plating zinc of.